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How to Remove Computer Virus or Worm?

Well as we know that every computer in the world is essentially connected to the internet with strong possibility of being attacked by thousands of dangerous viruses or spy wares or even by hackers. People at the same time have high risk to face wide number of internet threats such as phishing, worm and internet scams. A virus can easily enter into your computer at the time of visiting certain malicious websites or at the time of downloading any infected file. As researched by a team McAfee antivirus support phone number professionals, there are wide variety of viruses that are dangerous enough for your computer system to get crashed or even it can lead to dysfunction of a system.

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Well there is another term known as PHISHING. So, what it is basically?

Phishing is a kind of fraudulent act via which people can easily receive official mails that are asking for highly sensitive personal information. Via these mails, hackers they can have full access to steal a user’s identity as well as money. Thus, in that case, users definitely need to be extra cautious at the time when the computer is connected to the World Wide Web network.


Below given steps will are written by a team of McAfee technical support professionals to avoid getting trap in dangerous virus attacks:

Put up with by the following rules to avoid viruses:

  • Avoid downloading files from any suspicious websites that you think is not appropriate at all.
  • Use of the best available Anti- virus tools to scan your hard drive on regular basis is highly recommended.
  • Deactivation of an “Auto run” function for external drives is advised by experts team of McAfee professionals.
  • Always scan all the documents that are there in the external drive before you choose to open or save them.
  • Keeping your operating system updated from time to time will definitely help you to avoid getting such viruses.

Steps to keep away from Phishing attacks activity:

  • Make sure that you not respond to mails that ask for your personal data.
  • Never click on any of the links that have been emailed to you and are found to be suspicious by you.
  • Make sure that you do not open mail attachment with the file named as “.scr”, “.exe”and “.com” file extensions.
  • Simply avoid providing your username as well as password to any of the illegitimate source.
  • Do ensure that you have well updated the anti-virus software as well as the operating system.

Few steps to avoid worms attack:

  1. Configuration of a proper firewall to restrict the network traffic entrance is highly recommended.
  2. Set up the firewall to hide the computer from the unknown network activity is advisable.
  3. Never access or open up the Emails before scanning them with updated anti-virus software.
  4. Scan your computer regularly and keep the antivirus updated

Follow all the below given rules to avoid any type of internet scam:

  1. Do not ever respond to any of the advertisement letters.
  2. Always perform a deep research process about the company mentioned in the mail before you choose to reply to it
  3. Never respond to any mails that are marked by the name of banks or government agencies in the sender details.

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