Hackers are using the friendly face of Facebook and Twitter to distribute banking trojans that are specifically targeting Brazilians.

The hackers are focused on Brazilian Portuguese-speaking users and are using social engineering techniques to trick them into downloading Spy Banker Trojan.


The casual actors use the social media platform to push a shortened URL that promises the consumer coupons, vouchers, top class software program downloads and even tax return services, however simply take the sufferer to a server hosted on Google’s cloud service in which Spy Banker is downloaded. The hackers are banking on the victim seeing the “fb.com” link and consider it enough to click it, said security researcher Fabio Assolini instructed SCMagazine.com thru email correspondence.

“The hacker’s common purpose in these attacks is to use the Facebook infrastructure to host malware there and spread it to the users, as everybody tends to trust a facebook.com link,” he said.

Generally hackers make fake accounts, with fake pictures, Assolini noted.

“In the end, the user will receive thousand emails that asking to download a file hosted on Facebook, which is a very clever social engineering attack,”


Cybercriminals also had been spotted the usage of Google doctors, Dropbox, Sugarsync and different platforms as part of their social engineering method to host files, Assolini said…

Thousand FB (Facebook) links was clicked more than 102,000 times on between October 20 and November 30 researchers said.


To prevent falling victim to these kind of assaults Assolini recommends that users educate themselves on social engineering assaults and use reliable antivirus solutions as their primary defenses.

Even if an executable comes from a trusted source such as Facebook and Twitter, you should check with their antivirus before clicking it.


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